Kathy Weppne​r

Running for United States Representative for New York State's 26th Congressional District

* Value individual liberty and freedom * Bring Jobs Back Home -- Employ Americans * Fiscally Responsible Government * Honor our Constitution and Bill of Rights  * ​Fix healthcare disaster  * Restore state control of education * Secure our borders​



Campaign Address

Kathy Weppner for Congress
P.O. Box 1222 Williamsville, NY 14231

The End to Politics as Usual

My campaign will respect your intelligence in a way you have never seen before in Western New York.  What I have planned is a SHOW AND TELL campaign.  Through a series of video reports I will SHOW you critical information on issues impacting Western New York that are not being discussed comprehensively. I ask that you give each report serious thought and reflection.  As my campaign unfolds, I will TELL you my agenda for fixing these problems.  It is our responsibility to educate ourselves on our nation’s problems. My website will be updated weekly with information.  If you truly want change in Western New York you must do your part and empower your vote with knowledge. I believe Western New York is up to the challenge.

​ God Bless, Kathy A. Weppner

Brian Higgins Foreign Policy Deception-ISIL/ISIS

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